Indian Manufacturer of Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings

Kejriwal Castings is a manufacturer of Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings also known as (DI) Ductile Iron Fittings conforming ISO: 2531, BSEN 545, BSEN 598 standards. We provide high quality fusion bonded epoxy or liquid epoxy coating of minimum of 250 microns for ductile iron fitting.  For over five decades, we are leading manufacturing of ductile iron fittings in India with an exceptional reputation for excellence due to advanced technologies and extensive experience in engineering products and services.

Our UK & European sales office is located in London, UK to facilitate customers requirement gathering, pre & post sales services and to manage the operations for pan-European sales and distribution.  For our standard products offering please visit our brochure / catalogue.

We can also facilitate contract manufacturing for non-standard items as per customer specification including their logo subject to our feasibility study.  

(DI) Ductile Iron Fittings manufacturing in India

Our offer includes flange and socket DI fittings, Push-ON as well as mechanical joints in various shapes and sizes. We also facilitate manufacturing for other manufacturers who wish to produce their products at our foundry. To cater offshore manufacturing we use customer’s specification for labelling their logo & trademark on the products as long as it meets industry defined standards. 

Our experience in the production of ductile iron fittings and sales office in UK has allowed us to to supply customers with products made in India. Thus, any difficulties in obtaining ductile iron fittings from India with low production costs can be solved through us. We comply to all regulations, standards and specifications with fast delivery times to the customer’s preferred site.

(DI) Ductile Iron Fittings production parameters

As a manufacturer of potable water and waste water Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings (DI Fittings / Ductile Iron Fittings), Kejriwal Castings manufactures as per default BSEN specification. For more details, please visit our catalogue here.  

High End (DI) Ductile Iron Fittings bespoke manufacturing

Anticorrosion protection of ductile iron fittings depends on the specification required for some geological strata for highly corrosive soils, as well as for a special place of DI fittings (protection of deep sea water or protection of the natural environment).  If there is demand for special coating and lining for DI Fittings then we can provide quote depending on customer specification and our feasibility study.

DI Fittings Dealer, Supplier, Wholesaler, & Distributor for UK & Europe

Kejriwal Castings Europe is a distributor of ductile iron pipe fittings, we can import these products and deliver to the place indicated by the customers in UK and Europe.

Customers can obtain Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings (DI Fittings / Ductile Iron Fittings) as:

  1. Wholesale in accordance with our current standard production
  2. Contract production as per customer’s specification with specifically designed casting moulds / patterns

Regardless of the customer’s requirement, we are able to provide satisfactory solutions in the manufacturing and delivery of ductile iron fittings made in India at competitive prices. We are pleased to invite you to visit our production plant, meet our employees and familiarize yourself with our infrastructure.

Types of Ductile Iron Fittings we offer

We manufacturer of two main types of Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings (DI Fittings / Ductile Iron Fittings) as below:

  1. Ductile Iron Flange Fittings
  2. Ductile Iron Socket Fittings
  3. Special Fittings such as Dismantling Joints, Collars, Adaptors

Product variety for each type of Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings (DI Fittings / Ductile Iron Fittings) is listed below:

DI Flange Fittings

For Ductile Iron Flange Fittings we can supply:

  1. Ductile Iron All Flanged Cross
  2. Ductile Iron All Flanged Tees
  3. Ductile Iron Blank Flange
  4. Ductile Iron Double Flanged 11.25 degree Bend
  5. Ductile Iron Double Flanged 22.5 degree Bend
  6. Ductile Iron Double Flanged 45 degree Bend
  7. Ductile Iron Double Flanged 90 degree Bend
  8. Ductile Iron Double Flanged Concentric Tapers
  9. Ductile Iron Double Flanged Eccentric Tapers
  10. Ductile Iron Double Flanged Duckfoot 90 degree Bend
  11. Ductile Iron Reducing Flange
  12. Ductile Iron Double Flanged Scour Tees
  13. Ductile Iron Flanged Socket
  14. Ductile Iron Flanged Spigot
  15. Ductile Iron Double Socket Invert Tees
  16. Ductile Iron Flanged Branch Double Socket Tee ( Flange on Double Socket Tees)
  17. Ductile Iron Bellmouth

DI Socket Fittings

For Ductile Iron Socket Fittings we can supply:

  1. Ductile Iron All Socket Cross
  2. Ductile Iron All Socket Tees
  3. Ductile Iron Double Socket 11.25 degree Bend
  4. Ductile Iron Double Socket 22.5 degree Bend
  5. Ductile Iron Double Socket 45 degree Bend
  6. Ductile Iron Double Socket 90 degree Bend
  7. Ductile Iron Double Socket Concentric Tapers
  8. Ductile Iron Double Socket Eccentric Tapers
  9. Ductile Iron Double Socket Duckfoot 90 degree Bend
  10. Ductile Iron Flange on Double Socket Tees (Flange Branch on Double Socket Tee)
  11. Ductile Iron Pipe Plugs
  12. Ductile Iron Pipe End Caps
  13. Ductile Iron Double Socket Collars
  14. Ductile Iron Double Socket Taper (Cocentric or Eccentric Tapers)
  15. Ductile Iron Double Socket Y Shape
  16. Ductile Iron Double Socket Cross (All Socket Cross)

DI Special Fittings

For Ductile Iron Special Fittings we can supply:

  1. Ductile Iron Fittings for UPVC Pipes
  2. Casted Double Flanged Pipes, Puddle Pipes
  3. Dismantling Joints, Couplings, Adaptors
  4. Socket Leak repair clamps, Expansion Joints
  5. Vertically Cast D.I. Pipes – Tyton Joint / Mechanical Joints
  6. Saddle Pieces – Screwed End / Flanged End
  7. Pipe Body Patch Clamp

Examples of ductile iron pipe fittings are presented below. Aesthetic appearance of the products are as required by the customer with our main focus being compliance of the specification standard.