About Us

Who We Are:

Kejriwal Casting Europe is European Sales and Customer Services entity registered in England and Wales, to support offshore production, distribution and supply of products manufactured by Kejriwal Castings Limited in India for UK and European customers.

Kejriwal Castings Limited (An ISO 9001 Certified Company) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Ductile Iron Pipes, Ductile Iron and Cast Iron Fittings, Valves, Manhole Covers from India.  The production plant is strategically open in East India near Kolkata Port, this was one of the busiest port since British colony for trade export to Europe. It is well connected by rail, air and has international air port. The goods can be transported by WPS port for sea freight or air freight as well as rail and road freight to other destination in India for onward transport.

Kejriwal Castings Europe (KCEL) is the Sales & Distribution channel of Kejriwal Castings India (KCL). It is responsible for gathering customers requirement, pre & post trade support, importing products manufactured at plant and deliver to client at their designated site.

What We Do:

Kejriwal group, a multi-product engineering group located in Kolkata, and has been serving the Indian & Global industry for over 5 decades. A pioneer in Ductile Iron & Cast Iron products, today KCL is the undisputed leader in Pressure Pipes, Fittings & Valves and has widest range & size of Grey Cast Iron & Ductile iron products in India.

Our products range includes size range from DN 40 – DN 2600 and is approved by various International Water & Wastewater International Govt. bodies such as Electricity Water Authority – Kingdom of Bahrain, Ministry of Water Electricity – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Civil Defence – Jordan & International Consultants.

Kejriwal Castings Europe gathers Great Britain & European client’s requirements to provide them pre-trade and post-trade services and act a local point of contact to manage the needs of our valued customers.

The most important features of Kejriwal Castings Limited:

  • Exporting from India to various other destinations thus obtained several Registrations / Licenses / Approvals from relevant governing bodies. Poses ISO 9001 : 2008 certification from British Standards Institution (BSI) as well as BSEN 545 and 598 certificates.
  • Active member of various association and bureau e.g. Bureau of Indian Standards. Well recognised by renowned Third-party Inspection / Approval companies as well as poses various performance certificates
  • Produces wide range of products such as Ductile Iron Fittings, Pipes, Valves, Manhole covers, Fire Hydrant and Special Fittings e.g. Mechanical Collar couplings to Join Plain ended pipes of any metal or PVC.
  • Has staff of over 900 full time employees and workers managing production capacity of circa 7513 MT per year with Sales value of USD 16 Millions (figures as at year 2019)

Where We Are:

Kejriwal Castings Europe is headquartered in London, UK to provide wholesale distribution, customer services and offshore production facility.

Registered Address: SVS House, Oliver Grove, London, SE25 6EJ, United Kingdom

Factory Address:  Durgapur, West Bengal, India.  We invite you to visit our production facilities.

Work With Us:

Kejriwal Castings Europe was designed to work with European clients with it’s primary goal to provide best experience of sourcing products from India. We support:

  1. Large retail companies that store ductile iron or cast iron products

We run wholesale supply of products at factory prices to distributors and retailers. We deliver orders straight from the manufacturing plant to our customers’ warehouses.

  1. Existing production brands that want to commission production in India

We manufacture products for our clients according to their needs and we will ensure delivery straight to the client’s warehouses.

  1. Contractors / construction companies / other entities

We service orders from infrastructure contractors, construction companies, and other entities for which we manufacture products and deliver them to the construction site or to the warehouse.

If you belong to these client groups then please contact us and we guaranty tangible benefits, support, and satisfying service, meeting your expectations at every stage of your sourcing needs.

Legal Information:

Kejriwal Castings Europe Limited is governed by GB regulations and English jurisdiction.