Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Products from Indian Manufacturer

Kejriwal Castings is an established Indian manufacturer of Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings, Manhole Covers, Gratings, Valves, Fire Hydrants, and bespoke Castings.

Kejriwal Castings Europe is located in London, United Kingdom to offer products made at Kejriwal Castings India as a standard offer as well as contract manufacturing with customer specification and logo.

As per industry specification and standards such as IS/BSEN/ISO specification, we can offer following listed products:

1. Ductile Iron Fittings
2. Ductile Iron Flanged Pipes
3. Ductile Iron Fittings Suitable for UPVC Pipes
4. Ductile Iron Puddle Pipes for Wall Castings.
5. Sluice Valves as
6. Non return Valves, single door and Multi Door
7. Non Return Valves with Dash Pot Arrangement.
8. Zero Velocity Valves.
9. Butterfly Valves
10. Air Valves
11. Globe Valves
12. Pressure Relief Valves
13. Diaphragm Valves
14. Foot Valves
15. Fire Hydrants
16. Stand posts.
17. Double Flange Pipes
18. Double Flange Pipes
19. Double flanged (screwed) pipes
20. Flange & socket end Fittings
21. Plain End Fittings
22. Mechanical Collar couplings to Join Plain ended pipes of any metal or PVC.
23. Dismantling joints.
24. Expansion Joints.
25. MS Path clamp.
26. Socket Leak Repair Clamp.
27. Flange socket Adapter.
28. Manhole covers, gratings, surface boxes.
29. Cast Carbon Steel Valves.
30. Electrical/ pneumatic Actuator Operated Valves.