Ductile Iron & Cast Iron Products

Established in 1956 in India, the “Kejriwal” brand pipes, fittings, valves, manhole covers are manufactured by Kejriwal Castings Ltd in West Bengal, India.



Wholesale distribution at your site anywhere in Europe…


Offshore manufacturing with your logo on the products…


Bespoke casting produce as per your design specification…

Who We Are ?

Kejriwal Castings Europe is an entity registered in England, to promote offshore production, wholesale and distribution of products manufactured by Kejriwal Castings in India for UK & European customers.

What We Do ?

We gather customer requirements for Ductile Iron Pipes, Fittings, Valves, Manhole covers, Cast Iron Piping solution, Fire Hydrants and bespoke castings. We manage customer services and deliver products from foundry to customer sites.

Our Highlights:

Kejriwal Castings is ISO certified and has obtained BSEN Certification for manufacturing of Ductile Iron Fittings and Pipes.

Kejriwal Castings was founded in 1956. From the very beginning, its founders were guided by the vision and hard work of the entire crew resulted it as a global reputed company

Kejriwal Castings has over 900 skilled workers and executives who contributes to the manufacturing of over 200 products

As at year 2019, our gross production reached 60,000 MT annually covering DI Pipes, Fittings, Valves & other products with year on year growth continued

Indian manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler of Ductile Iron Fittings, Valves, Manhole covers & Bespoke casting

Kejriwal Castings Europe (KCEL)  is an UK entity whose main goal is to gather customers requirements and to provide support in supply and distribution within European market for the products made at Kejriwal Castings India (KCL).  We manufacture and supply Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings, Valves, Manholes covers, and other similar products. We are also facilitating offshore manufacturing for these products at the KCL factory / foundry as per customer’s requirement subject to our feasibility study.

KCEL is located in London as its European headquarters, to facilitate cooperation, acquire new customers and to provide first hand top quality customer services for our customers in UK & Europe. The inception of this sales & customer services office has enabled us to offer factory outlet prices and delivery safely to client site. We are also here to provide assistance during pre, and post sales to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied.

The product range we can offer covers:

  1. Ductile Iron Pipes
  2. Ductile Iron Fittings (DI Pipe Fittings)
  3. Ductile Iron Covers (Gutter Access Manhole Covers & Gratings)
  4. Valves (Ductile Iron and Cast Iron)
  5. Cast Iron Bespoke Castings (As per customer’s drawings & specification)
  6. Ductile Iron Bespoke Castings (As per customer’s drawings & specification)
  7. Fire Hydrants
  8. Ductile Iron Adjustable Dismantling Joints, Special Fittings
  9. Cast Iron Pipes (Drainage pipes) & Fittings  (on-demand for large scale offshore production)

All the above-mentioned products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant IS/BSEN/ISO standards. We can also make the above products in accordance with the specification and standards of the customer depending on our feasibility study.

KCEL fits in with the European working style and culture, and provides clients with a business partnership based on trust, integrity and value add. Client satisfaction is paramount for us and to fully benefit from our knowledge, experience, quality of our services, KCEL guarantees for long-term and good business relations with our clients.  KCEL has adopted an operational model based on honesty, due diligence, continuous improvement and learning from the past to make the future better for us and for our customers.

We invite you to visit the KCL production plant, which is located in West Bengal, India. Offering a wide range of products of the highest quality and timeliness of services rendered, it has gained a reputation among top manufacturers in India and as a exporter to various locations worldwide.

Kejriwal Castings India is an ISO Certified Manufacturing company and poses BSEN certification to produce Ductile Iron & Cast Iron products viz. Pipes, Fittings, Valves, Specials & General Castings. We can manufacture our customer's products at our foundry as a offshore manufacturing partner depending on our feasibility study on the client's requirements.

Phone:  +44 20 380 79592 | Email:  sales@KejriwalCastingsEurope.com | Address: SVS House, Oliver Grove, London, SE25 6EJ, United Kingdom